create a text file

Stan Cook sdcook55 at
Sun Jun 4 16:17:02 CEST 2006

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Stan Cook wrote:
>> I'm writing a script to list all of my music files' id3 tags to a 
>> comma delimited file.  The only part I'm missing seems like it should 
>> be the simplest.  I haven't used Python for the last couple of years.  
>> My question is this:
>> When I use<file_variable>,"w"), I get an error 
>> message,        TypeError: an integer is required.  Has something 
>> changed?  Did I miss something???
> the function is called "open", not "".
> there's an open function in the os module, but that's doing something 
> slightly different (see the library reference documentation for details 
> if you're curious).
> </F>
Thanks, I found it.

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