[ANN] pkipplib v0.04 is out

Jerome Alet alet at librelogiciel.com
Fri Jun 2 23:23:53 CEST 2006

Hi there,

I'm pleased to announce pkipplib v0.04

This GPLed Python library allows you to create, manage or parse IPP
(Internet Printing Protocol) requests.

In addition, it exposes a CUPS() class which allows one to interact with a
CUPS print server (or an IPP printer).

Written in pure Python, there's no need to link with the CUPS' libraries,
and it doesn't even require any CUPS related software to work.

The mid to long term goal is to support all of the CUPS' IPP API.

Summary of changes :

  - Support for HTTP Basic authentication when connecting to a CUPS
  server was added.

  - General reliability was improved.

To learn more about it, see examples of use, or download it :


Thank you for reading.

Jerome Alet

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