Simple py script to calc folder sizes

Ben Cartwright bencvt at
Tue Mar 21 18:51:43 EST 2006

Caleb Hattingh wrote:
> Unless you have a nice tool handy, calculating many folder sizes for
> clearing disk space can be a click-fest nightmare.   Looking around, I
> found Baobab (gui tool); the "du" linux/unix command-line tool; the
> extremely impressive tkdu: ; a python
> script I didn't really understand at
> (are these "folder
> objects" zope thingies?);  there are also tools that can add a
> "foldersize" column into Explorer on Windows
> (, for example);  the superb freeCommander
> file-manager (win32) has the functionality built in, and so on.

You also might want to take a look at KDirStat
( and its win32 counterpart,
WinDirStat (

> "du" is closest to what I was looking for, but is not immediately
> cross-platform: I know I can probably get it through Cygwin, and there
> is probably a win32 binary or clone around somewhere

Try ... much quicker to set up than

A pure Python port of du (and other unix utilities) would be cool,


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