linux clipboard?

Chris Smith smitty_one_each at
Wed Mar 8 11:47:42 CET 2006

>>>>> "Rene" == Rene Pijlman < at> writes:

    Rene> david.humpherys at
    >> how can i copy text to the linux clipboard?

    Rene> Linux is an operating system. It doesn't have a
    Rene> clipboard. The clipboard is provided by desktop frameworks,
    Rene> such as KDE or Gnome.

    Rene> -- René Pijlman

Actually, Linux is the kernel, and the full system is GNU/Linux, as
RMS would hasten to point out.
Isn't the clipboard a basic X component?
However, for basic text, don't overlook the humble shell facilities
like | , > , < , and >>

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