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Michael Tobis mtobis at
Sat Mar 11 21:01:01 CET 2006

I think a logo contest is a good idea, and I am already working on my

I could also imagine a stylesheet contest.

The issue is who does the judging and what are the criteria.

Steve, what you say is true. Possibly people who are experienced in
making a six page site for their aunt's catering business may not
understand how much the site implementation is constrained by the huge
amount of existing content, nor what an excellent effort the rework is,
nor what a good product was achieved.

I am trying to make the point that the silly logo cancels out a good
bit of the benefit of the site in appealing to the uncommitted. A brand
that people love is usually a part of a product that people love, and
there needs to be some correspondence.

A pink bunny is a fine brand for flashlight batteries, but not a good
one for motorcycles.

For a language which cannot avoid associations with a ten meter snake,
a pair of tadpoles just says "we don't really mean it, never mind". The
twistedmatrix logo and the pycon logo take advantage of the
associations. The tadpoles try to avoid them, and to make matters worse
pick up a vague and oddly disturbing religious affiliation in the
process. If we are serious about promoting the language, they really
have got to go.

The contest can specify the dimensions of the logo image to match those
of the one currently on the site. The amount of work required to
replace the existing logo with a more appropriate one would amount to
just changing one reference in a stylesheet.


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