Cheese Shop: some history for the new-comers

Tim Churches tchur at
Sat Mar 11 21:59:45 CET 2006

A.M. Kuchling wrote:
> On Sat, 11 Mar 2006 16:50:26 +1100, 
> 	richard <richardjones at> wrote:
>> So I did what people always do in this situation, I asked Barry Warsaw to
>> name. it. And he did, "Cheese Shop". I liked the name, so it was done. When
>> the new pydotorg machines went live last year, so too did the name
> Given the endless whiny complaints about the name,

I was just hoping that honour would be bestowed upon me for suggesting a
brilliant alternative name, but I sense it is not to be...oh well
(whistles tune to himself).

> though, I think we
> should just give up and go back to PyPI (pronounced 'Pippy').

Perusable Index of Packages for PYthon -> PIPPY (or PipPy if CamelCase
is preferred, or pippy...).

PyPi is doomed to be mispronounced pie-pie.

Anyway, thanks to Richard Jones for all his work on PyPI/Cheese Shop,
whining about the name notwithstanding.

Tim C

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