Pycrypto - active ??

Frank Millman frank at
Mon Mar 20 14:23:28 CET 2006

dirvine wrote:
> Thanks Paul
> I will check this out. Perhaps theres a case for pycrypto to be
> revamped and perhaps a new python cryptographic page to be created
> mentioning all these projects. I have foudn it a bit difficult to find
> info on this area. Mny thanks for this though.

Just as a BTW -

I have recently installed TLSLite on linux and on MSW, and it seems to
work fine

The docs say that if you have any of m2crypto, cryptlib, pycrypto, or
GMPY installed, it will be used for fast cryptographic operations. I
installed M2Crypto on linux, and indeed, after the initial handshake,
there is hardly any noticeable slowdown.

However, I have not found an MSW binary for Python 2.4 for any of the
above packages. TLSLite works ok by itself, but it is noticeably slower
when transferring large amounts of data.

Frank Millman

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