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Tim Parkin tim at
Sun Mar 12 14:34:07 CET 2006

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Tim Parkin wrote:
>>For most people 'developers' would mean people developing *with* python,
>>not developing python.
> the page it leads has headings that say "Python Developers Guide" and
> "Links for Developers", and contains links about "Development Process",
> "Developer FAQ", etc.
I think telling people they are in the wrong place isn't quite as good
as helping them get to the right place.

> I'm convinced that people visiting can distinguish between
> "using python to develop stuff" and "developing python", but that's me.
Simple user questions (i.e. asking people what they think a 'developers'
link would lead to on a programming site) suggests that the majority of
people think differently to you.

>>Also 'Foundation' could be confused with 'beginners' or 'basic'.
> while "PSF" is completely incomprehensible for someone who doesn't
> already know what it is...  why even keep it on the front page ?
Usability says that people choose the first appropriate link to click
on.  They will only click on psf if they already know what it is. If it
was called *foundation* and they were a beginner then they may well
click on 'foundation'. If they wanted to know about the support and
community behind python, that material should be obviously placed under
'community' and the information should also be under 'about'.

Navigation usability isn't about trying to make every link mean
something to every user, it's about making sure that for each use case,
a clear path to the information is available. The difference is subtle
but important.

Calling the link *foundation* goes halfway to solving the problem in the
wrong place.

> (give it its own section on the community page instead.  the link is
> already there; all it needs is a heading and a short blurb).
It was in the community section but most people wanted it back on the
top level.

Tim Parkin

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