Problem w/Tkinter on 2.5 (Panther)

Russell E. Owen rowen at
Wed Mar 29 20:09:06 CEST 2006

I don't know, and I'm sorry this isn't more helpful, but...if you don't 
get an answer here, I suggest you post to the python apple mailing list. 
If you prefer a newsgroup interface (as I do), use gmane's news server 
and subscribe to (you may still have to join the 
mailing list to post -- I'm not sure -- but if so, you can disable mail 

-- Russell

In article <mailman.3789.1143577524.27775.python-list at>,
 "w chun" <wescpy at> wrote:

> i've built a Python 2.5a0 interpreter on my iBook using gcc 3.3-1666
> using the tarball from last nite......

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