implementation of "complex" type

André andre.roberge at
Thu Mar 9 18:34:03 CET 2006

Russ wrote:
> "Why don't you show us your complex class?"
> Because I don't have a complex class. I merely used the complex class
> as an example to test the referencing behavior. Please read more
> carefully next time.

I'm not the one you were replying to, but I would say to you...
"Please write more carefully next time".

You wrote:
>But when I tried the same thing with my own class in place of
>"complex" above, I found that both x and y were doubled.

Why don't you show us your own
whatever_it_is_named_except_it_is_not_complex class?

When you are the one seeking help, you may find it helpful to be
polite....  I have found that comp.lang.python has some of the most
friendly and helpful people around.  They will undoubtably help you (as
they helped me many times), if you provide answers to the questions
they ask in trying to help you...


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