Release: vizann-2.0 Tkinter Neural Net Demo Program

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Tue Mar 21 20:16:36 CET 2006

Release Name: vizann-2.0
This freeware program may be downloaded from

This is a program to graphically demonstrate the operational
details of two types of ANN (Artificial Neural Network) when
used to implement the XOR function.

The program is 100% GUI, meaning that there is no
line-by-line input nor output.  The program is written in
Python. (a free download from
The .zip file contains only these five files: - The program source code
VizANN.txt - documentation
xormlp.gif -  an image file which will display
xorfcba.gif - an image file which will display
VizANNnotes.txt - this file

Mitchell Timin

I'm proud of  I'm currently working on a
major update of the SailChallenge package.  If you want to write software,
or articles, or do testing for ANNEvolve, let me know.

Humans may know that my email address is zenguy at shaw dot ca.

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