Large algorithm issue -- 5x5 grid, need to fit 5 queens plus some squares

Tim Roberts timr at
Fri Mar 17 08:52:04 CET 2006

"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at> wrote:

>totalgeekdom at wrote:
>> The problem I'm trying to solve is.
>> There is a 5x5 grid.
>> You need to fit 5 queens on the board such that when placed there are
>> three spots left that are not threatened by the queen.
>when you're done with your homework (?), you can compare it with
>Guido's solution:

That solves a different problem.  The traditional N queens problem would be
"place 5 queens so that none of them threatens another".  That's very
different from his problem specification.

It turns out there is only 1 unique (non-rotated, non-reflected) solution
to the problem as he posted it.
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