Python equivalent of Perl-ISAPI?

rurpy at rurpy at
Mon Mar 20 15:42:36 CET 2006

Waldemar Osuch wrote:
> What Roger says and also:

Thanks for your and Roger's responses.

I looked at pyisapie and there seems to be almost no
dvcumentation -- no sample code and the single readme
is pretty opaque.    The pywin isapi has a couple of
examples but its documentation too is pretty bad.
But they both seem to be tissue thin wtrappers around
the MS isapi api.  What I was hoping for is something
that would let me run existing cgi scripts efficiently with
minimal changes.  I think the isapi and perl-ex stuff that
comes with Activestate's Perl meets this requirement
but the stuff I've found for Python doesn't.  So looks
like it's back to Perl for this project :-(.

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