Embed Mozilla ActiveX Browser Control or MSIE the easy WAY!

sukhpalsingh at hotmail.com sukhpalsingh at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 23 06:48:05 CET 2006

With this little DLL you can embed either Mozilla ActiveX Browser
Control or MSIE by just calling it's EmbedBrowser(HWND hwnd, int
i[0,1]) function. 0 = Mozilla Activex Browser Control and 1 = MSIE.

Other available methods include:
        >> UnEmbedBrowser()

        >> ResizeBrowser(HWND hwnd)
                Where hwnd is an handle to a control where the browser
control is

        >> DisplayPage(STRING url)
                Where url is a string that contains the URL of a
location to be

        >> DoPageActionGoBack()
        >> DoPageActionGoForward()
        >> DoPageActionRefresh()
        >> DoPageActionStop()

You can download the DLL from:


Thanks for your attention!

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