POP3 Mail Download

Kevin F neurogasm at gmail.com
Sat Mar 18 22:44:44 CET 2006

Having some troubles downloading messages with POP3...

I can connect to the server just fine and list messages without any 
problem with the following code:

from poplib import *

server = POP3("mail.bluebottle.com")
print server.getwelcome()
print server.user("neurogasm at bluebottle.com")
print server.pass_("xxxxxxxx")

messagesInfo = server.list()[1]
numMessages = len(messagesInfo)

print numMessages

However, if I try to actually download the messages themselves, my 
python editor highlights 'msgSize' and says "invalid syntax" when I run 
the following subsequent lines of code:

emails = []
for msg in messagesInfo:
          msgNum = int(split(msg, " ")[0]
         msgSize = int(split(msg, " ")[1]
         if(msgSize < 20000):
             messages = server.retr(msgNum)[1]
             messages = join(message, "\n")

anyone know what's wrong? thanks.

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