Convert Word .doc to Acrobat .pdf files

Duncan Booth duncan.booth at invalid.invalid
Thu Mar 23 16:58:48 CET 2006

kbperry wrote:

> Thanks for the replys!
> I need to stick with Word (not my choice, but I would rather keep
> everything like he has it).

That shouldn't be a problem: you can use stick with Word for editing the 
documents and just use OpenOffice to do the conversion.

> Duncan,
> I was just trying the printing thing.  When installing Adobe Acrobat,
> it installs a printer called "Adobe PDF," and I have been trying to
> print to there, but the "Save" window keeps popping up.  I need to
> figure out a way to keep it in the background.
I'm afraid its a while since I used Acrobat to generate PDF files. I think 
there are configuration options to tell it to do the conversion 
automatically and not prompt you, but I can't remember where.

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