how do you move to a new line in your text editor?

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Fri Mar 3 01:46:47 CET 2006


> This is a real small point

No point is small when you apply it hundreds of times a day.  I spent
quite a bit of time on this element and ended up allowing conversion
from tabs to spaces and the reverse. Who knows what you'll find in the
world of ASCII.

Historically, Tabs were stops on the typewriter carriage, a control
function.  This Tabs = Spaces thing came about largely because of
cursor bondage.

So how do YOU think of a Tab key?  Is it a data key or a control key?

Internally, I treat Tab (and Shift Tab) as a navigation (control) key
instead of pumping in lots of spaces.  It seems more useful that way.
But then Sudden View doesn't have "cursor bondage" to worry about.

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