path to modules per import statement

AndyL ask at me
Fri Mar 24 15:23:21 CET 2006

danmcleran at wrote:
>>For instance: "import my.path.module" would load module from
> Yeah, just do that. I don't understand the question, it works just like
> this today.

I work on rather big set of Python applications: something like 100 .py 
files divided into libs and separate sub-applications.

For now I keep almost everything in one directory but I wish following 
structure to be in place:

	app1/  app2/  lib1/  lib2/  lib3/

and be able to import from each app[12] all the libs. I do not want to 
touch existing code to prefix all the import places with lib[123] nether 
I want to play with sys.path.append too much.


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