newbie questions

meeper34 meeper34 at
Wed Mar 15 16:33:57 CET 2006


I'm just starting out with Python, and so far I am thoroughly impressed
with what you can do very easily with the language.  I'm coming from a
C++ background here.  A couple of questions came up as I was thinking
about dynamically typed languages:

1.  If someone releases an interface in Python, how does the user know
what parameters the function takes/returns?

2.  If documentation is the answer to 1, then are there any Python
documentation standards?

3.  Are there any tools out there that can extract the interface
information from Python files and release it as documentation like
header (.h) files?  I know there are tools like this for languages like

4.  Really basic question, and I'm sure I will learn this very quickly
with more reading, but I'm confused by the lack of an entry point in a
Python app, i.e. int main().

Btw, I was turned on to Python from Bruce Eckel's article "Strong
Typing vs Strong Testing."


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