printing under MS win

Dean Allen Provins dprovins at
Thu Mar 30 17:46:58 CEST 2006


My Linux-based Python/Tkinter application runs nicely, and printing
works just fine (to a user-selected file, or an "lpr" device specified
in the Entry box).  Alas, the user wants to run it under MS Win, and of
course will want to print the canvas for posterity.

A Google search turned up a similar request from many years ago, which
seemed to go unanswered.

My current thoughts are 1) get the user to print to a file and let him
copy the file to his printer (which is postscript); 2) do much the same
as (1), but let the user display and print under Ghostscript/Ghostview;
and 3) get the user to install UNIX printing services (which I found not
to be trivial when I had to do it once) and then printing will run much
as it does on UNIX/Linux.

Any thoughts or other ideas?



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