COM server / COM client

Larry Bates larry.bates at
Mon Mar 27 17:55:28 CEST 2006

Dan wrote:
> Does the COM server created with python have to be compiled? I have the
> need to integrate database access but, I can not have any proprietary
> software. Meaning no compiled programs built by me. So, if python can
> do com clients and servers without compiling, Im good. But I don't know
> if that is possible. The ctypes example implies that it must be
> compiled using py2exe. I know the clients don't have to be compiled.
> What about the server?

Sounds like you are walking a "fine line" on the "no compiled programs
written by me" thing.

Py2exe doesn't REALLY compile python.  Rather it PACKAGEs it into an
.exe file with any required external routines in  With
proper bundle option, you can put everything into the .exe file itself
(except for mscvrt71.dll).  Just makes it easier to distribute and
you don't have to install Python.  Using py2exe and Inno Setup (my
recommendation) makes it easier to distribute your program to multiple

That said, no you don't have to compile.  If you don't create .exe
by using py2exe you must have Python on the machine and must set up
any supporting libraries (like ctypes) in lib/site-packages.

-Larry Bates

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