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Sat Mar 11 15:51:35 CET 2006

    Bertrand> 1. Who is maintaining ?

Start with mail to webmaster at

    Bertrand> 2. Where is the site code/design available ?

It's in Subversion.  Start here:

    Bertrand> 3. Is the last redesign a solo or a community effort ?

Small community.  One person did the bulk of the work.  A sprint at the
recent PyCon a week ago finished many things off and got a lot of content
converted from the old site to the new.  Stuff that hasn't yet been
converted and hasn't had proper redirects set up falls through to the old
site (that is obvious when it happens).  Hopefully the number of pages where
that occurs is dropping.

Now the developers are tackling a lot of bug reports, converting the last
content and fixing redirect problems.

The conversion has been particularly challenging because not only was the
site redesigned from an appearance standpoint, it was restructured (almost
all content got new URLs) and a new content management system was written to
support the content (  Oh, the Subversion
repository holding the content changed as well.


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