Working with files in a SimpleXMLRPCServver

Brian Quinlan brian at
Fri Mar 31 14:57:49 CEST 2006

Jose Carlos Balderas Alberico wrote:
> I'm setting up a server accepting XML-RPC calls using the 
> SimpleXMLRPCServer class. Basically, what I have to do is send a 
> zip-compressed file to the server, have the server unzip it and process 
> it, after processing it the server is supposed to zip the file again, 
> and send it back to the client.

Using an XML-RPC server is overkill if you are just sending a single 
file and processing the result. You could just use a HTTP server.

And Python has a library for doing zip processing (zlib), so you don't 
need to bother creating a file just to unzip your data.


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