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Kent Johnson kent at kentsjohnson.com
Sat Mar 18 22:35:33 EST 2006

Bob Piton wrote:
> On Sat, 18 Mar 2006 18:34:56 -0500, Kevin F wrote:
>>i have no idea what you are hinting at, can you please just tell me what i
>>need to change?
> I know how you feel; it's brutal trying to get elementary information from
> this group.

You could try the python-tutor list, it tends to give more focused 
answers to newbie questions than this group, which is pretty 
newbie-friendly but does have a tendency to veer widely from the 
original question.

> Now if only somebody would tell me, with elementary examples, how you
> write to the thing called 'stdout' and how you read from 'stdin'.

raw_input() prompts to stdout and reads from stdin. print outputs to stdout:

In [53]: print raw_input('What is your name? ')
What is your name? Kent

or import sys and use sys.stdin and sys.stdout.


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