New development windows, IronPython or PythonWin

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Mon Mar 27 14:42:24 CEST 2006

Dan wrote:
> Thanks to all, my main concern about anything Microsoft picks up and
> runs with is that they vear off just slightly from the "standard" and
> freeze everyone else out like they have done with their browser,
> javascript etc.. etc... etc... So for now I will try to use Python /
> PythonWin with the COM support. Dan

I shouldn't think that Jim Hugunin will divert from the standard. In
fact he's even been asking on Python-Dev whether they should replicate
the bugs in Python 2.4 or stick with the documented behaviour !

Jim is in charge of the project and was the lead developer behind
Jython - so he literally knows Python inside out.

Anyway - PythoNWin and COM may well be the right approach for your
problem anyway. :-)


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