Tried Ruby (or, "what Python *really* needs" or "perldoc!")

Nick Craig-Wood nick at
Thu Mar 16 09:30:05 CET 2006

Jason Earl <jearl at> wrote:
>  Why don't you instead install the info version of the Python
>  documentation on your server.  Then you can do "info Python2.3-lib"
>  and have at it.

I didn't know about that.  Its very good.

Its still not all the documentation for all the installed modules
(a-la perltoc) but it is much better than I thought!

info on its own reveals these possible info packages for python

* Python2.3-api: (python2.3-api).       Python/C 2.3 API Reference Manual
* Python2.3-dist: (python2.3-dist).     Distributing Python Modules (2.3)
* Python2.3-ext: (python2.3-ext).       Extending & Embedding Python 2.3
* Python2.3-lib: (python2.3-lib).       Python 2.3 Library Reference
* Python2.3-ref: (python2.3-ref).       Python 2.3 Reference Manual
* Python2.3-tut: (python2.3-tut).       Python 2.3 Tutorial

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