xmlrpclib and carriagereturn (\r)

Jonathan Ballet multani at free.fr
Sat Mar 18 14:52:51 CET 2006

Le Sat, 18 Mar 2006 08:54:49 +0100, Fredrik Lundh a écrit :

> Jonathan Ballet wrote:
> XMLRPC is XML, and XML normalizes line feeds:
>     http://www.w3.org/TR/2004/REC-xml-20040204/#sec-line-ends
> relying on non-standard line terminators in text is fragile and horridly out-
> dated; if the data you're sending qualifies as text, send it as text, and do
> the conversion at the end points (if at all necessary).

Ah, you send me the right link. So xmlrpclib handle those line
terminators correctly. That's good.

> if it's not text, use the binary wrapper.
>> I send to them only "\n\n", which makes problems when rendering strings.
> how are you rendering things if you have problems treating a line feed
> as a line feed?  that's rather unusual; most Windows applications have
> no problems handling line feeds properly, so I'm not sure why it has to
> be a problem in your application...
> </F>

The problem recently pointed out, so we were searching where those
carriage return disapeared.
However, if we can throw them away and render line feed as line feed, it
would be the best solution imho. I'll look into this.

Thanks for your answer,

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