noobie mkdir problem/question

ProvoWallis gshepherd281281 at
Sun Mar 26 01:18:13 CET 2006

I understand that but I'm still puzzled. Is this the reason why I can't
write files to this directory?

The xrefs directory is created the way I expect it would be using mkdir
but I can't seem to write to it. I thought that my results would be
written to the xrefs directory here but they're ending up in the
original folder not the subfolder.

          outputFile = open(os.path.join(xrefs,outputFname), 'w')

What am I missing?

jordan.taylor2 at wrote:
> if (os.path.isdir(xrefs) == 0):
>      os.mkdir(xrefs)
> --------------------------------------------
> os.path.isdir(stuff) returns 
> True or False

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