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>> footnote: if you have a recent Python 2.5 build,
> Who would have that? Is it a good idea to use a pre-alpha python version?

The pre-public release version compiles as 'alpha0'.  I have the impression 
the current alpha0 is being kept closer to releaseable more of the time 
than used to be the case.  For instance, the developers recently set up a 
buildbot system to compile and run all unit tests on several systems with a 
variety of hardware and OSes up to several times a day.  The results are 
available at

At of minutes ago, 5 systems are green (ok), 1 orange (warn) , and 1 red 

> ... Or should I start grabbing the Subversion trunk on a nightly basis?

'Should' if you want to experiment with new features or test existing code 
now rather than later.  I would only grab it when the tests pass on the 
system closest to yours, and only repeat when there is a reason to.

Terry Jan Reedy

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