Chained Comparisons

Sathyaish sathyaish at
Mon Mar 20 11:46:37 CET 2006

>And firing up a news client, posting a message, and /waiting/ for a
response isn't? In most cases, you could have read half the language
reference manual in the time it takes to get an online response.

No, it isn't because you continue reading the same stuff and you have
the stuff open in another window at the same point you left reading it.
That point is not lost. Posting a question in the newsgroup is like
asking someone else; asking some other person to help you out and it
works better than searching the documentation and loosing your train of

Besides, one doesn't stop reading the help file after posting a
question on the newsgroup until the answer comes. The reading goes on.

>and what exactly do you think the other people in the forum do? They go off
and read the documentation so that they can be sure to quote it back
accurately to you. So you've saved yourself the bother of looking up
docs just so that a large number of people can all do it for you.

No, I see the people in this forum engage in trivia instead of
understanding a beginner's anxiety, they engage in these flame wars on
trivial issues.

OK, let me calm down. People here are helpful, too. Python is a new
language for me. I've been programming for over eight years now and
have been there, done that on other forums where I saw a beginner.
Sometimes, a few posts as a beginner can be a bitch.

>I've tried reading this several times and can't make sense of what you are trying to say?

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