Seems like I want a pre-processor, but...

Cameron Laird claird at
Thu Mar 30 01:08:02 CEST 2006

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Russell Warren <russandheather at> wrote:
>Anyway - it worked... you've answered my question perfectly, thanks.  I
>hadn't considered that the module loading phase could basically used
>for preprocessing.  You even helped by subtly providing a better
>version checker... I didn't even know you could use < with a tuple like
>that.  I'll have to look into the logic rules there.
I'm working on an article on this topic, as it happens.
Yes, in general pre-processors are strictly inferior for
all realistic use-cases.  Any time you think you need a
pre-processor in Python, you should ask for help to learn
of the better way that Python affords.

Even while writing this, I realize that some people have
implemented pre-processors for their Python, and expressed
satisfaction with the result.  The cases familiar to me
had to do syntactic style--folks who don't like significant
white space, and so on.

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