Problem solved: Re: time.sleep(1) sometimes runs for 200 seconds under windows

Magnus Lycka lycka at
Wed Mar 1 13:41:05 CET 2006

Paul Probert wrote:
> Thanks everyone for your help.
>   It was the "Abouttime.exe" program, a time synch utility. To get the 
> problem, you have to run it as a service, and possibly it has to have 
> trouble connecting to its time servers. It would cause time.sleep(1) to 
> sometimes block for 200 seconds. Not "about" 200 seconds but always 
> within 199 to 202 seconds. Very strange, but it is good to have the 
> problem gone.

So did you understand what happened? Was the system call time.time()
just hanging while abouttime.exe was synching time?

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