Question about raw string and regex

jlowery at jlowery at
Fri Mar 24 09:41:13 CET 2006

> is not an *example* script. It is (was!) a *tool* script.

I see. 2.4.2 includes a tool for modifying 0.9.8 python classes to 1.1
somthing format using a now-defunct regex module. Oh, okay. Very
useful, I can see why it would still be included as part of the

I was using 'regex' as the general term for regular expressions, not
the module. I hadn't realized the (old, decrepit) script was using
something other than 're' (r standing for 'regular', and e for
'expressions' [I'm guessing]).

Pylint (with everything switched on) doesn't flag anything as
deprecated, or at least I didn't notice that it did. Maybe it was
because the method for deprecation hadn't been devised yet? -- I don't
know, as I'm not a Python archivist.

I don't think I missed line 3, but just interpeted it to apply to the
purpose of the script, not the script itself.

And, BTW, people will look at the source that's distributed with Python
for purposes of writing their own code, be it in tools, libs, or
whatever. They (should) serve as examples of current practice,  IM(H)O.
Old cruft should go in a source archive to dwell in the shadows

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