Does '#hash' mean anything in IDLE?

John Coleman jcoleman at
Thu Mar 2 21:32:14 CET 2006

   I am currently trying to learn Python through the excellent
"Learning Python" book. I wrote my first non-trivial program, which
began with several comment lines. One of the comment lines began  with
'#hash'. IDLE doesn't colorize it as a comment line but instead colors
the word 'hash' in purple as if it were a key word. Wierd. The behavior
seems easy to trigger: Just open up a new window in IDLE and enter
these two lines:

#This is a test
#hash should still be a comment line

Then, after saving, the second line is not colored as a comment line
though the first is.
Is this a bug, or do comment lines which begin with #hash have some
special meaning?
My program ran fine, so it seems that the interpreter itself is
ignoring the line.

-John Coleman

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