Please, I Have A Question before I get started

JW John-Whitlock at
Mon Mar 13 19:35:42 CET 2006

Skipper wrote:
> I can not believe that there isn't a GUI programing tool that will
> allow me to build GUI apps - just like I use Dreamweaver to build a
> web page ... a WYSIWYG builder that does a few simplet things and
> calls other programs ...
> Oh well .... no silver bullet!

If you are interested in programming, the best way is to find a
motivating goal to learn.  It sounds like you have a very motivating
goal.  However, it will probably take quite a long time for you to get
to a point where you can make a useful tool for your son.  While your
problem description is straightforward, the implementation is not.

One route you might consider is contacting your local engineering
college for help.  My alumnus recently solicited funds for a "Life
Interaction Device" for Abigail, a 6 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy:

It sounds as if Abagail's needs are far greater than your son's, but
your project would make an interesting design project for CS students
at an undergraduate level.

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