Accessing 'mangled' class attrbutes

Steve Juranich sjuranic at
Wed Mar 1 17:22:51 CET 2006

Gerard Flanagan wrote:

> I would like to do the following:
>   from elementtree.SimpleXMLWriter import XMLWriter
>   class HtmlWriter(XMLWriter, object):
>       def write_raw(self, text):
>           super( HtmlWriter, self ).flush()
>           super( HtmlWriter, self ).__write(text)
> but because of the name-mangling caused by '__write' I get:
> AttributeError: 'super' object has no attribute '_HtmlWriter__write'.
> Is there any simple way round this situation in general?
> (I just want to write out a HTML 'DOCTYPE' declaration)

Try: (not the Python keyword, but a directive to you)

super(HtmlWriter, self)._XMLWriter__write(text)

In general, to access the name-mangled members, simply add 
_<class_name> to the front of the member name and you should be able to get
at it.  But be careful, since this is a reference to the base class, so if
it's inherited from some other class, you'll need to know from which class
the member is inherited.


Steve Juranich
Tucson, AZ

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