Advice for creating a web app

Olivier om at
Sat Mar 11 20:53:43 CET 2006

Hi there,

Jumping until blue a écrit :
> I have a number of files, mostly text files formatted using Markdown
> syntax but also pdfs and other types of files, that are stored in a
> folder hierarchy and I want to develop a web application where I can
> brows, view and search these files. The documents can be
> cross-linked.
> Currently I use a basic CGI to view/format the markdown files but I
> don't know if I should continue to make my own system or if I should
> take advantage of some existing framework.
> My requirements are:


You may be interested in pyblosxom (

It's filesystem based, allows different input formats (html, rest, plain 
text, I don't know about "Markdown syntax"), allows also to serve what 
they call static files (like your pdfs), and you can plug some search 
capacities (for instance, a wrap around grep).

I used to run it behind apache with cgi, but it should be possible to 
use it with a lightweight-no install web server.



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