OT: unix newbie questions

Joel Hedlund joel.hedlund at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 09:22:55 CEST 2006

 > * I'm using the tcsh shell and have no problems with it, but bash seems
 > more popular - any reason to change? (I don't intend writing many shell
 > scripts)

You can do this in bash:
$ python myprog > stdout.txt 2> stderr.txt

and have output to sys.stdout and sys.stderr go in separate files. Quite handy 
for separating output and debugging comments. I believe that this is impossible 
in tcsh (where you only can do $ python myprog &> stdout_and_stderr.txt to 
catch stdout and stderr at the same time).

Also: bash_completions. It keeps track of arguments and options for commonly 
used programs and commands. If you type "cd " and hit tab for completions you 
will only see directories, since bash_completions knows that this is all cd 
accepts. Don't know if tcsh has anything similar.

Joel Hedlund

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