Any python HTML generator libs?

Gerard Flanagan grflanagan at
Thu Mar 9 22:55:11 CET 2006

Sullivan WxPyQtKinter wrote:

> Hi, everyone.  Simply put, what I need most now is a python lib to
> generate simple HTML.
> I am now using XML to store my lab report records. I found python
> really convinient to manipulate XML, so I want to make a small on-line
> CGI program to help my colleagues to build their lab report records
> into XML, for storage, HTML display (for others to browse) and search.
> With python's standard lib, the DOM object could realize the XML
> storage and search quite easily, but for HTML generation,  it is a
> great headache.
> I tried to turn to the in-line server-side python script PSP(something
> like asp and php) instead of CGI. However, since the report data is
> always of very complex data structures, it is really hard to write most
> things in-line. For example, a PCR reaction is expected to be shown in
> this format or alike on a web browser:
>         Sample: Sm1032
>         Operater: SullivanZ
>         TimeStamp: hh:mm mm-dd-yyyy
>         Reaction:
>                        Reagent1:
>                                          Name:XXXX
>                                          Concentration:XXXX mM
>                                          Volumn:XXX uL
>                        Reagent2:
> ........................
> ........................
> Since there are hundreds of PCR reaction and other operations in the
> lab report, in-line PSP is not a suitable solution. But writing HTML
> directly with print statement is a great pain.
> Will XSTL be useful? Is my problem somewho related with XML-SIG?
> Looking forward to your precious suggestion.

If you don't mind a learning curve, you could use a CherryPy/Picket
combination - Picket is an XSLT 'filter' that uses 4Suite to transform
XML on the server:

XSLT is powerful but a bit...wearying, at first.


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