Python and Java

Harry George at
Tue Mar 7 07:23:43 CET 2006

"JKPeck" <JKPeck at> writes:

> Suppose you have an application written in Java, and you want to enable
> other applications or processes written in Python to communicate with
> it, i.e., to use Python as a scripting language for the application.
> On Windows you could do this with COM and various addons such as
> J-Integra and Mark Hammond's libraries.
> How would you do this if you want a mechanism that is portable across
> Windows, Linux, Mac, and Unix?
> Any ideas?  Jython would be a natural candidate, but it is stuck at
> Python 2.1 and seems to have an uncertain future.
> Thanks in advance.

If you need real CPython (e.g., need add-on libraries compiled in C),
then XMLRPC is a clean way to make the connection.

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