Python equivalent of Perl-ISAPI?

Atanas Banov enterr at
Mon Mar 20 23:31:00 CET 2006

rurpy at wrote:
> Steve Holden wrote:
> > rurpy at wrote:
> > > Pure cgi is too slow.  "Active Scripting" means ASP, yes?
> > > I need something that will do cgi scripts (a lot of which I already
> > > have
> > > and can modify but don't want to rewrite extensively, partly because
> > > of time issues, partly because I want to preserve some degree of
> > > portability back to a unix environment.).   I want something that does
> > > for IIS what mod_python does for apache.  Fastcgi looked scary even
> > > on unix plaforms, seems like an act of desperation on Windows,
> > >
> > Yes, ASP is Active Scripting.
> >
> Except I need cgi, not asp, for the reasons i gave.

it seems to me you have no clear idea what you need.

you say you have a lot of CGIs written but you don't clarify if that is
Python or Perl. since you look for python intergration, it seems they
are in python, however in previous posting you say you'll have to
revert to Perl for solution. it just doesnt make sense! if you use
Perl, you will have to REWRITE the scripts and if you do so, it's
unclear why wouldnt you use a superior technology like PHP/ASP/JSP -
any of those is way easier to manage.

it's also unclear why don't you use apache on windows, if mod_python is
your poison.

here is how i imagine you have the layers:
   [scripts (CGI?)]
   [web server (IIS?)]

where the discussion is about the "glue" between them. you say CGI is
too slow for you, so you will want something maintaining the CGI
programming model, but faster. this thing is called FastCGI - but you
are unhappy about it either. there is no way any perl "glue" can solve
your problem between your web server and your python scripts
whatsoever. you'll have to re-code the scripts for perl.

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