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Sat Mar 11 22:34:26 CET 2006

Hi All,
First, I hope this post isn't against list rules; if so, I'll take note in
the future.

I'm working on a project for school (it's not homework; just for fun).
For it, I need to make a list of words, starting with 1 character in length,
up to 15 or so.
It would look like:

A B C d E F G ... Z Aa Ab Ac Ad Ae Aaa Aab Aac


I've looked on Google, and on the python lists at python.org, and haven't
found any code that I can adapt.
I've also tried to adapt some code from Perl, but not knowing the language
very well, I wasn't very successful.
If there is adaptable code on the internet that I've missed, please let me
know, and I'll go on my marry way in search of it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Much,
Brandon McGinty
Brandon.mcginty at gmail.com

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