Doc suggestions (was: Why "class exceptions" are not deprecated?)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Mar 29 18:20:26 CEST 2006

Ed Singleton wrote:

> > alright, I got bored and uploaded a copy of the current Python tutorial to
> >
> >
> Damn.  You beat me to it by an hour.

oops. sorry for that.

> > I had a nightmare with character encodings (mainly because I'm
> > terrible with them).  I have a script written that does it all for me,
> > but it keeps choking on characters.  I just tried randomly converting
> > things to Unicode at various points for over an hour until it worked.

sounds weird.  iirc, there were only one page that contained non-ascii
characters, and the latest script had no problems dealing
with that one.

> Also, your looks better than mine.

did you look at it before or after I added the new stylesheet? ;-)

> Did you write a script to do the table of contents too?

nope; I did that all by hand.  I plan to write some scripts to get contents
*out* of infogami, though, but that'll have to wait for some other day.

anyway, do you want to keep your version, or should we "standardize" on
the pytut version ?  and are there any willing community contributors out


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