Cheese Shop: some history for the new-comers

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sun Mar 12 17:09:35 CET 2006

Paul Boddie wrote:

> It's clear that people use the term "Python developer" similarly to
> "Oracle developer", where you don't get many people in the wild
> actually developing Oracle products themselves, and so the term has an
> established meaning of someone developing with that technology. Thus,
> many people, especially those accustomed to using more corporate
> technologies like Oracle or Java would see "Developers" or "Developer"
> links and think of stuff they can develop with, rather than finished
> applications or solutions, for example; it certainly wouldn't occur to
> them that the links would point to some internal Oracle portal strictly
> for Oracle development staff, some Sun portal for Java development
> staff, or tools for working on the Python implementation.

this assumes that the "developers" link lead to a page that's entirely
useless for people developing with Python.  that's not even true for
today's "developer" page...

(I'd solve this by adding disambiguation to the page itself, since
people can arrive on it in many different ways.  good information
design is not only about what's on the front page...)


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