Trace dynamically compiled code?

Ed Leafe ed at
Tue Mar 14 14:45:05 CET 2006


	Thanks to the help of many on this list, I've been able to take code  
that is created by the user in my app and add it to an object as an  
instance method. The technique used is roughly:

nm = "myMethod"
code = """def myMethod(self):
    print "Line 1"
    print "My Value is %s" % self.Value
compCode = compile(code, "", "exec")
exec compCode
exec "self.%s = %s.__get__(self)" % (nm, nm)

	This is working great, but now I'm wondering if there is a way to  
enable pdb tracing of the code as it executes? When tracing "normal"  
code, pdb will show you the name of the script being executed, the  
line number and the source code for the line about to be executed.  
But when stepping through code compiled dynamically as above, the  
current line's source code is not available to pdb, and thus does not  

	Does anyone know a way to compile the dynamic code so that pdb can  
'see' the source? I suppose I could write it all out to a bunch of  
temp files, but that would be terribly messy. Are there any neater  

-- Ed Leafe

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