Python Indentation Problems

Petr Jakes petr at
Wed Mar 1 14:07:41 CET 2006

Eric3 works great with spaces, tabs and even when imported code
indentation is "mixed". I have got problems trying to import "mixed)
code from other people.

Settings > Preferences > Editor > General
Tab width 8 Indentation width 4 (reasons why 8 and 4 are mentioned in
previous postings in this thread)

Than you can set the checkboxes:
- Use tabs for indentation
- Convert tabs upon open
- Tab key indents
- Auto indentation
- Show Indentation Guides

You can also see the different marks for tabs and for spaces in Eric3
(if set), so you will see, where is the problem in you code.

My favorite options (I am trying to use spaces for indentation
strictly) are:
- "Use tabs for indentation" - unchecked
- "Convert tabs upon open" - checked

Because of that I am not getting to the troubles with indentation

Petr Jakes

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