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Juho Schultz juho.schultz at
Fri Mar 10 11:20:11 CET 2006

Magnus Lycka wrote:
> rtilley wrote:
>> I think it's the name. Python. Let's change it to something nicer. 
>> Think about it... if you found a Ruby, you'd pick it up and put it in 
>> your pocket. If you ran across a Python, you'd run away.
> I think you have a point, but I also think it's a bit
> late to change it after 15 years or so, considering all
> books, web sites etc. We're stuck with Python, and can
> only do the best of that. Actually, in Swedish, "Jag
> mår pyton" i.e. "I feel like python" means "I feel
> sick", and "det luktar pyton" i.e. "it smells python",
> means "it stinks". That doesn't make Python easier to
> sell here... Still to late to change...

In Finnish "ajaa käärme pyssyyn" ("force a snake into a rifle") means 
doing something almost impossible. If you have to put a snake into a 
rifle, try Python - a bite does not kill you. So it works both ways.

> I think a good example on the problem with letting
> techies like us do naming is that grand successor
> of Unix developed by the great minds at Bell Labs.
> First, they name it after a movie which is famous
> for being exceptionally bad--Plan 9 (from outer space).
> Really grand company there!
> Then, when they make a real product of it, they call
> it Inferno, and some part of it gets called Limbo.
"Inferno - the Lamborghini Diablo of operating systems"
What is the problem here?

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