Any python HTML generator libs?

Sullivan WxPyQtKinter sullivanz.pku at
Thu Mar 9 21:33:58 CET 2006

Hi, everyone.  Simply put, what I need most now is a python lib to
generate simple HTML.

I am now using XML to store my lab report records. I found python
really convinient to manipulate XML, so I want to make a small on-line
CGI program to help my colleagues to build their lab report records
into XML, for storage, HTML display (for others to browse) and search.

With python's standard lib, the DOM object could realize the XML
storage and search quite easily, but for HTML generation,  it is a
great headache.

I tried to turn to the in-line server-side python script PSP(something
like asp and php) instead of CGI. However, since the report data is
always of very complex data structures, it is really hard to write most
things in-line. For example, a PCR reaction is expected to be shown in
this format or alike on a web browser:

        Sample: Sm1032
        Operater: SullivanZ
        TimeStamp: hh:mm mm-dd-yyyy
                                         Concentration:XXXX mM
                                         Volumn:XXX uL

Since there are hundreds of PCR reaction and other operations in the
lab report, in-line PSP is not a suitable solution. But writing HTML
directly with print statement is a great pain.

Will XSTL be useful? Is my problem somewho related with XML-SIG?
Looking forward to your precious suggestion.

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