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Thu Mar 9 13:37:44 CET 2006


Russ wrote:
> I tried the following:
> >>> x = complex(4)
> >>> y = x
> >>> y *= 2
> >>> print x, y
> (4+0j) (8+0j)
> But when I tried the same thing with my own class in place of
> "complex" above, I found that both x and y were doubled. I'd like to
> make my class behave like the "complex" class. Can someone tell me the
> trick? Also, where can I find the code for for the "complex" class? I
> hope it's written in Python! Thanks.

In CPython it is actually written in C, implemented in the
Objects/complexobject.c file. See for example:

In PyPy it is indeed a pure Python implementation right now:


Carl Friedrich Bolz

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