Which GUI toolkit is THE best?

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Sun Mar 12 01:08:21 CET 2006

On Sat, 11 Mar 2006 00:07:52 +0100
Alan Franzoni <alan.franzoni.xyz at gmail.com> wrote:
> > again to make a choice is difficult; is there also some guy liking
> > pyqt is it worse or should it be avoided because of the licencing
> > policy for qt (which I also like..)?
> > 
> > 	* Which one is the most fun to program with?
> > 	* Which one is the most easy to learn?
> > 	* Which one looks best?
> > 	* Which one is the most productive to program with?
> wxPython is a pretty good 'all-round' and cross-platform library, and
> includes some non-graphical features. It's got a drawback: it's a
> wrapper for the wxwidgets library, and hence it's not very pythonic;
> you can solve part of its unpythonicness using wax, which is not very
> well documented at the time. wxGlade can be used to design GUI apps
> with little effort.
> pyGTK works well, too. Recent versions perform well and are good
> looking on Windows systems as well as Linux and Macs (if you provide
> an X server). It's very well documented (better than wxPython, in my
> opinion) and its license is quite permissive. It's unpythonic just
> like wxPython. Glade and Gazpacho can be used to design GUI apps in a
> visual way.

I'll throw my two cents in here now.

I've used both wxPython and PyGTK. I find wxPython to be horribly
un-pythonic; combining that some problems on the Mac, and some
other installation/environment issues, I ditched it for PyGTK.

I find PyGTK to be very natural, and actually highly Pythonic. So much
of its design just makes sense. And GTK provides a lot of nice things,
and is itself incredibly versitle (the places you can put odd
widgets...). I've found myself to be more productive with GTK (both
PyGTK and GTKmm) than with any other system I've used (with the
possible exception of web interfaces).

- Michael

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